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About the Webmaster
    I am Chris Felts, a 16 year old Junior at the Shawano Community High School in Wisconsin.  My main instrument is the alto saxophone, and I play a Yamaha YAS-23 with a BARI Richie Cole hard rubber mouthpiece and a Rovner Dark ligature.  My backup mouthpiece is a plastic Yamaha stock piece, and a stock Yamaha metal ligature.  I use Fibracell Medium soft reeds for Symphonic and Jazz band, as well as Full Orchestra.  I also use a BARI plastic reed for pep/marching band.  In orchestra, I transcribe oboe parts to play on soprano saxophone, a school owned late 20's Buescher straight Bb soprano sax, Rico Royal mouthpiece, stock ligature, and Hemke 2 1/2 reeds.  I also play a silver plated 1921 Conn C melody with a gold bell that has an alto style neck and microtuner.  I also pick up tenor whenever its needed, and when I do I use a Meyer 7M hard rubber mouthpiece with a stock ligature, and Fibracell Medium Soft reeds.  My favorite musicians whom I try to emulate are David Sanborn, and Kenny G (Gorelick).  If all turns out, I hope to get a job as a musical instrument repairman, as I love messing around with various instruments, (I'm currently rebuilding a metal "Champlain" clarinet, if you know anything about the brand name Champlain, e-mail me.)  I hope you enjoy the page!
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