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Vintage elmer
The Mark VI
The Mark VI saxophone is one of the most sought after sax, without a doubt.   It is loved for its deep lush tone, and just the "feel" of it.  People are willing to drop $3,000-$4,000 for a horn they haven't seen or played that is over 30 years old, which proves how much this horn is loved.   Most professional saxophonists who started after the late 50's own and perform with a mk. VI, ncluding Kenny G, and David Sanborn.. The mk. VI alto and tenor have a range from Bb to F(#?), and a few alto models even have a low A.  The mk. VI bari has the same range of the alto and tenor, along with a low A.  The soprano has a range of Bb to F(#?) also.  Does the mk. VI really live up to its reputaion?  Well, that depends on who you ask.  But for the most part, the horn is widley accepted as the best sax ever put into production.  Some people claim that one serial number wrange is better than another, and someone else will say it the other way around.  So the only way to know which is better for you, (as with all horns) try them out for yourself and make your own decision.  On a side note, Selmer's new series, the series III, is modeled after the mk. VI.  Will the Series III surpass the mk VI in tone, quality, or popularity, only time will tell.